25Aug2023: Master Series - 90-min Open Level Chair Yoga  w/ Anjan

25Aug2023: Master Series - 90-min Open Level Chair Yoga w/ Anjan

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⏰8月25日(星期五)7:45pm-9:15pm (90mins)
📍 Yoga Senses 荔枝角分店
🎟️8 Credits或 HKD400 (可透過FPS或Payme付款)

請透過Yoga Senses應用程式或直接在我們的官方網站預約:www.yogasenses.co



  • 椅子瑜伽是一種溫和的瑜伽形式,可以在坐著或用椅子支撐的情況下練習。
  • 學員將進行熱身運動,坐姿瑜伽動作(用於伸展,增強力量和靈活性),以及呼吸運動和冥想。
  • 工作坊還包括像導向意象或逐漸肌肉放鬆的放鬆技巧。
  • 工作坊的內容和長度可以根據參加者的需求進行調整,從短期到全日課程。



  • 歡迎所有健身程度和瑜伽經驗的人。
  • 任何有興趣透過瑜伽提高身體健康,減輕壓力和增加放鬆感的人參加,以及瑜伽初學者。
  • 也適合那些因為椅子提供了額外的穩定性和支撐而對傳統地板瑜伽感到不舒服的人。
  • 歡迎任何有興趣通過瑜伽提高身體健康,減輕壓力和增加放鬆感的人參加,無論是健身程度還是瑜伽經驗。



  • 從熱身運動,瑜伽動作,呼吸運動到放鬆技巧的一系列瑜伽Flow
  • 好處包括增強靈活性,減輕壓力,以及增強放鬆感和幸福感。


Event Details

  • Date & Time: 4th August, Friday, from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM (90 minutes session).
  • Venue: Yoga Senses Lai Chi Kok Studio.
  • Charge: 8 credits or HKD 400. Payment can be made in HKD via payment or FPS.


How to Book

  • Please book your spot through the Yoga Senses app or pay directly on our official website: www.yogasenses.co

*Once the registration for the workshop is confirmed, it cannot be changed to other courses or cancelled. All fees paid are non-refundable and course quotas cannot be transferred.



What is Chair Yoga

  • Chair Yoga is a gentle form of yoga practiced while seated or using a chair for support.
  • Participants engage in warm-up exercises, seated yoga poses for stretching, strengthening, and flexibility, along with breathing exercises and meditation.
  • The workshop includes relaxation techniques like guided imagery or progressive muscle relaxation.
  • The content and length of the workshop are adaptable to the needs of participants, ranging from short to full-day sessions.

Who Can Join

  • Open to anyone interested in improving physical health, reducing stress, and increasing relaxation through yoga, regardless of fitness level or yoga experience.
  • Ideal people with mobility challenges and yoga beginners.
  • Also suitable for those uncomfortable with traditional floor yoga due to the additional stability and support provided by the chair.


What Will Be Provided

  • All necessary chairs for the session will be provided.


What to Expect

  • A comfortable and supportive environment, accommodating all fitness levels and yoga experiences.
  • A range of activities from warm-ups, yoga poses, breathing exercises, to relaxation techniques.
  • Benefits include improved flexibility, reduced stress, and a sense of relaxation and well-being.

About Anjan

  • Over 20 years of teaching experience
  • E-RYT500 Advanced Senior Yoga Teacher certified by Yoga AllianceUSA
  • RCYT Children's Yoga Teacher certified by Yoga Alliance USA
  • Aerial Yoga Teacher Certification
  • Thai Massage Teacher Certification
  • Pilates Mat and Apparatus Teacher Certification
  • Ratna in Yoga (2006) First Place, awarded by Sarbabharatiya sangeet and Sanskriti parishad, India
  • Yoga Certificate (2003) from C.W.Y.S. World Yoga Association, India
  • Yoga Diploma (2004) from D.W.Y.S. World Yoga Association, India
  • Massage Master (2003) from M.M.W.Y.S., India
  • Physical Therapy Training (2000) from P.T.T.W.Y.S., India
  • IDEA certified (2010), USA
  • B.K.S. Guruji Iyengar Yoga Course (2011)
  • Certified in ViPR, BOSU, Foam Roller, TRX, Fitball
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